How to use Canva for social media posts

This short guide will take you step by step through the process of building pixel perfect images for your social media posts quickly and easily.

Learn more here https://www.canva.com

Video// 10:21mins

How to use Canva for Creating Mood Boards

Using the Canva basics learnt from the Social Media Post Creation Tutorial, Jennie shows you how to create a Mood Board. This mood board can be used for your own business or for your Brides.

Learn more here https://www.canva.com

Video// 15:28mins

How to use Canva to Create An Email Signature Graphic

Learn how to use Canva to create an email signature that is in keeping with your brand and has all your important information in one place.

Learn more here https://www.canva.com

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How to Create Email Signatures in Gmail

Using your Canva Email Signature graphic, create an attractive signature that has a hyperlink to your most important and relevant website or social media account.

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How to use Gmail Canned Responses

Canned Responses are where you keep your template emails to quickly reply to your most asked questions or emails.

Video// 04:07mins

How to use Loom in Your Business

In this tutorial I cover how to upload Loom and how you can use it in your business to stand out and connect with your couples.

Learn more here https://www.useloom.com

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Your Monthly CEO Meeting

Each month, make a CEO appointment with yourself at your favourite cafe and check in to review last month and plan the coming month.

Download the worksheet // HERE //

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Using Calendly for Automatic Scheduling

Calendly is a great tool you can use to book consultations in the time blocks that suit you with minimal fuss. It also makes the process a whole lot simpler for your clients.

Visit Calendly  // HERE //

Video// 14:39mins

Pre-Consultation Forms Using Typeform

Learn how to create a fun and interactive Pre-Consultation form with Typeform. This will simplify the process of obtaining all the critical information before you meet up with your couples.

Visit Typeform // HERE //

Video// 13:53mins


Website Audits & SEO Basics

Johannah from Confetti Designs talks with Jennie about the Top 12 components of a rocking website and covers SEO basics starting with installing the Yoast SEO Plugin.


Video// 57:50mins
Part A// Webinar Audit: 24mins
Part B// SEO Discussion: 33mins [start at 24mins]


How To Use A VA

Korryn from Encore Admin Consulting shares her advice and knowledge of how to use a VA within your wedding business.


Video// 18:28mins

Alecia – Girl Bosses Australia: Using Instagram to Grow your Business

In this webinar we talk to Alecia who has built a strong national community using Instagram and learn a little bit about how she has achieved this. The Girl Bosses Instagram account has over 30,000 followers and is growing every day.

Head over to the link below and check this wonderful community out. You can even join their directory – for FREE!


Video// 27:03mins

Alex – LegalVision Talks All things Legal for Your Wedding Business

Alex has experience with creative industries, including the wedding industry. Her passion is Intellectual Property and would love to hear all about your business and show you how to protect it.

Additionally, their business lawyers can assist on all business law matters including business structuring, employment, trade marks, leasing and litigation. We operate on a fixed-fee model as it provides you with certainty and transparency for your legal fees.

TWE & LegalVision have joined forces to offer a 15% discount for members of The Wedding Experts Community. To find out more about, //CLICK HERE//

If you have any specific legal questions about your business, please call Alex Shaw on 1300 544 755. She would love to help you!

Video// 24:06

How To Use Pinterest For Your Business with Clare Drake

Clare loves designing clean & elegant brand identities for creatives, as well as showing them how to use the powerhouse that is Pinterest to skyrocket their business, blog or personal brand.

In this chat, we cover

  • Pinterest Basics
  • How to Read Pinterest Analytics
  • What is Pinterest’s Algorithm
  • How to Drive Traffic Using Pinterest
  • How to Build an Email List using Pinterest

Feel free to contact Clare when any other questions you may have at:


Video// 43:36mins

Trudi Yip – Numeric 8: Continues the conversation from our Knowing Your Numbers Bundle

You can contact Trudi at:



Video// 26:46mins

Friday Live with Jess of Collabosaurus talking all things Collaboration!

If you want to learn how to best leverage your photoshoots and other collaborations, Jess is THE best person to talk too. She is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing and PR for small business. To find out how Collabosaurus works [think Tinder for small business], head over to the Collabosaurus website below or just give Jess a shout out.


Video// 19.35mins

Mindset – “Being Enough” with Kat Millar

Kat is the founder of Get Results Training and Unleash Your Freedom. She loves helping people create more energy and inspiration to live their best life.  Over the last 14 years, she’s worked with thousands of people, helping them to transform their lives and achieve greater health, happiness and fulfilment.

Today we talk about an issue many creatives struggle with – feeling “enough”. Kat explains to us where these feelings originate and how we can best deal with them.

Download the “I Am Enough” Worksheet //HERE//

If you would like to contact Kat, please click through to her email below.


Video// 36:14mins

Branding Q&A with Zoe of Saltwater Collective!

Following up from our Branding Bundle with Zoe, she covers a bit more information and answers a few more questions about branding. She offers advice if you are on a branding budget and the importance of putting the time in to get it right – the first time.


Video// 34:04mins

Aisle Planner Tour with Katherine

Aisle Planner is a Business Management and Event Planning software that has been designed to be very user friendly and simplify your life. Katherine walks us through the all the main tools that you can use to streamline your business and improve communications with your couples.

Free 30 day trial followed by a 25% discount on your first 3 months.


Video// 47:30mins

3 Ways to Feel Better Today with Kat Millar

Join Kat and Jennie as we talk about 3 small things you can do right now to feel better today.


Video// 48:29mins

Connecting Online Using Instagram

Have you found it overwhelming using Instagram to connect with potential couples, media, peers, etc? Or you’re just clueless what to do? Maybe you’re ready to up your IG game and this is the perfect strategy for you….

In this 30 minute webinar, Jennie goes through the main ways to strategically use Instagram to connect online.

Download your Workbook>> HERE
Download your Slides>> HERE 

Video// 30:40mins

Bonus FB Ads Q&A

Join Jennie & Chantel as we answer questions asked in Facebook Live Q&A session during the 2018 Kick-start Challenge.


Video// 1:06mins

Wedding Wellness with Amanda Vodic

Amanda shares her story with Jennie from her beginning in the industry as a Wedding Planner/Stylist to online educator, podcaster and her life decisions based on her own wellness journey. Jennie also touches on some of her own journey and be prepared for a touch of woo woo!


Video// 52:51mins

LegalVision – Social Media Q&A

Alex from LegalVision answers your questions on what is or isn’t legal in the social media and online world.

For more details, head too https://legalvision.com.au/lvpartners-weddingexperts/
OR contact Alex at [email protected].com.au

Video// 21:51mins