Trish is Floral Designer for Wedding & Events in the beautiful Blue Mountains. When she signed up to The Wedding Society she jumped straight in and started rebranding…. and it’s gorgeous! When you’re ready to jump, do it! and embrace the process.

My Story: 15 years in Retail & Hospitality, 5 years as a Wedding & Events co-ordinator + Sales representative for a Golf Club & 13 years of floristry. These different careers have all been overlapping but I’m now finally full time in my own business + 3/4 time Mum 🙂

How would you describe yourself at the start of your journey?
Very enthusiastic but so unsure on how to portray & find my true business voice & capture the peoples attention that I want to work with.

How would you describe yourself now?
Still lots to learn! But far more polished and with a clear business voice & with a firm belief in myself & what I’m out to achieve.

How do you feel about your investment of time and money into the Membership?
The only way you make time for anything in life is when it’s a priority. If you feel your business is lacking in a few areas & your business is really important to you & you want big changes, you can find time for the experts, it’s a game changer!

What are some of your strongest beliefs and values?
I believe in making careful choices in both my personal & business life that make a difference. I believe in doing the best I can by my family & by society as a whole by living & operating my business in an sustainable manor.

What problem were you looking to solve in your business?

  1. My wishwashy marketing & brand.
  2. I wanted skills to be more focused
  3. I wanted a social media polish up

What were you thinking then?
I was all over the shop. No strategic plan or routine. It made me feel out of control!

How did you come into contact with The Wedding Society?
Through the Australian florists facebook page & on Instagram. I was so excited, the fact there was courses on subjects I needed to brush up on!

What thoughts were running through your head?
I could actually make it work because I could do it in my own time! Quinn was only 13 months old when I joined & my time was still very limited as he was going through some health issues that we were figuring out.

Did you doubt yourself at all?
Always, still do! But now my doubt fades far more quickly now I have clear confidence & direction.

How did the transformation you’ve experienced since learning about our membership begin?
By starting with the Business basics & then re-branding.

At what point did you commit to following this plan?
As soon as I signed up.

Talk about that moment, what did it look like?
It was exciting! I had just re-opened my business again after taking a year off with my Son when he was born. I was energized and I knew I wanted a fresh new start but my branding was in shambles & my dream client was unknown

What were you thinking when you made the decision to commit?
I was almost about to pack it for good prior to my maternity leave as I was not creating weddings that I was truly connected too, I was attracting price driven clients that over worked me & didn’t trust my creative process. But I really missed my little business & honestly thought….Ok, signing up to the wedding experts society is me giving it one more shot.

What would have happened if you continued to experience those problems or didn’t follow the plan?
I’d still be attracting the client’s that didn’t align with my ethos & I’d say I would be pretty over it by now!

What did the experience feel like as positive things started to happen?
Amazing! Like it was finally all making sense & falling into place!

How do you feel now?
Confident in my brand. Proud of what I have achieved. Crystal clear focus on where I’m heading next.

What are you thinking now?
Right now…Holiday time!!

I’ve just had an amazing 3 month stint of craziness & wonderful businesses, but I learnt early in the wedding basics by putting firm boundaries down in my availability & putting me first I’ll be energised for the next busy period & my clients will get the best version of me by doing so.

What changes for good did it make in your life and life of family members?
My family benefit from a much happier version of me! I’m living my actual dream, doing it with pride & it gives my life a sense of purpose. I feel I’m a better Mumma & Wife when I get to do what I love for such amazing clients in crazy beautiful locations in a much organised & clear mannor!

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