Success Story – Chanel Va//Time and Eternity Photography

Slow and steady wins the race and Chanel is headed straight there! She is starting from scratch in the wedding industry and is working on setting the right foundations firmly in place now to build the wedding business she has been dreaming of for many years. She is a perfect example of taking the time to complete each step and trusting the process of having a start-up business.

My Story: I am a portrait photographer working my way into becoming a wedding photographer. My interest in photography started in high school, back then I liked to photograph nature and landscapes as I preferred to be outdoors and feel a strong connection with mother nature. I attended university and graduated with a degree in health promotion. I didn’t see how I could one day combine two things I feel very passionate about into a career let alone my own business. I have worked in Health promotion for over ten years now and during 2015, before moving to Melbourne from New Zealand, I bit the bullet and purchased a fancy DSLR with a plan to find my style of photography and turn it into a viable business. My love for helping people be fully informed has nicely complimented my passion for photography. I aim to deliver a memorable customer experience every time because I genuinely care about the work I do.

How would you describe yourself at the start of your journey?
Stepping into wedding photography, has been a challenge for me and how I deal with feelings of anxiety which stem from thoughts of inadequacy. At the start I felt overwhelmed as to where to begin and put my energy. I wanted to portray professionalism and give a warm first impression but I doubted myself a lot and this wasted time in the start of my journey.

How would you describe yourself now?
A woman with purpose. I now know my self worth and my capabilities – sure i have moments of doubts but they are brief and usually only appear when family life is competing with business. I feel prepared and am just ticking off things on my plan to success.

How do you feel about your investment of time and money into the Membership?
I have to chuckle at this because when I joined your membership I thought what’s a dollar for a dollar? Little did I know the price of your membership has saved me what I am sure would’ve cost thousands in advice and tools but also in TIME. My time is money, I don’t have time to seek out these professionals and pay for their advice and actually after listening to a few of your bundles I wouldn’t even know what questions to ask in the first place.

What are some of your strongest beliefs and values?

  • Time is expensive so spend it sensibly.
  • How you treat people is a reflection of how you run your business and who you are as a person.
  • Sharing is caring! If I help others I know it will come back to me. I don’t believe in waiting to return favors, I will be the first to help and the last to leave.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. I wholeheartedly follow this with my family so it naturally flows into my business, every one is responsible for their part which also means that if they are struggling they need to tell someone before hand.
  • I value kindness and respect. I haven’t worked with many wedding vendors or brides just yet but I have read some stories from others which has made me consider what I might do in those situations – it has been a great help.
  • I believe that if I continue to implement small things in my business I will, one day, achieve my goals through consistent work and persistence.

What problem were you looking to solve?
Setting my business up professionally and utilizing social media more effectively.

What were you thinking then?
Should’ve stayed in Health Promotion and I am too old to start a new career.

How did that make you feel?
Like taking an axe to a heavy wooden door that just wouldn’t open. There is a solution to my problems i just need to exercise patience and find the answers.

How did you come into contact with TWE?
The Kick Start Program.

What did you think of it when you first learned about it?
That the universe was giving me a very clear sign to continue on this path and doors will continue to open if I keep knocking.

What thoughts were running through your head?
You are one smart woman and I want in on your tribe! I needed mentoring and direction which is something I considered your membership to give.

Did you doubt yourself at all?
Of course! I am a critical thinker, i reflect on everything i do in life.

How did the transformation you’ve experienced since learning about our membership begin?
With your “dream couple” as one of the exercises was to create a secret board about her. That was life changing for me personally and also professionally. Finally I had an idea of who I would ideally like to work with and I have been assessing clients against this ever since. It has made it easier to walk away from jobs that in the past I would’ve taken on purely because I wanted the work and I have no qualms in declining.

At what point did you commit to following this plan?
When I started the Kick Start Program because I quickly realised that what I thought I needed for my business to be successful barely scratched the surface as to what I could do to really become successful.

What was your first step?
Design and create a website.

What were you thinking when you made the decision to commit?
I am going to celebrate every step of the way because this is a reflection of me and my journey and I am proud of what I have, can and will accomplish.

What excited you about it?
In the membership, there are many bundles that cover a broad range of topics to help build your business. The information applied for newbies like me and I imagine those who are well established too because the content is current and continuously changing. I view the membership as living, it grows and changes with time and according to the needs of us vendors.

What scared you about it?
My life right now is chaotic with a baby. But this is only a short season, he will grow and I want to be there for it so I have tried to not place too much pressure on myself to achieve everything and get through all the bundles. There is a lot of information that I worry I should have listened to by now.

How did it feel?
The longer i take to get started, the longer I will take to book clients.

What would have happened if you continued to experience those problems or didn’t follow the plan?
I would’ve tried to do it all myself and probably made a lot more mistakes and taken a very long time to achieve anything. I quite possibly would’ve given up.

What did the experience feel like as positive things started to happen?
Exciting. With each new step I accomplish I feel happy to have the membership and support of those I have made friends with since joining.

How do you feel now?
Nervous for my first styled shoot in early June. Excited at the prospect of having it published and determined to book a wedding this year!

What are you thinking now?
When can I listen to more bundles without interruption and then when can I implement what I learn from them.

What changes for good did it make in your life and life of family members?
It has given me a clearer sense of direction and purpose for my business. I have found my “why”.

Chanel Va
Time & Eternity Photography



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