The “Wedding Circle” – Small Group Coaching for Big Dream Chasers



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The Wedding Circle is small group coaching for the Big Dream Chasers.

Being a wedding business owner doesn’t have to be hard, or frustrating or stressful – in fact we should be feeling lucky that what we DO what WE love every day!

But something’s not right….

You have the vision, you have the drive, but maybe you’re a little unsure and overwhelmed of how to get there…

Maybe you’re even scared, I know I was!

That’s why I’ve created The Wedding Circle.

Imagine having an inner circle of wedding business friends that have your back, through the ups and downs of being a successful business owner… just like having your own personal cheer squad.

Business friends who know exactly what you are going through and who are all there that support you, day in and day out…

The Wedding Circle is your 24/7 support system, sounding board and therapist! All rolled in up into one exclusive group (away from noisy Facebook groups)

We are wedding business experts helping others build their dream wedding businesses.

From the creator of The Wedding Experts – The Wedding Circle is an exclusive new concept for Australia/New Zealand.

The Wedding Circle is your place to come too for zero judgement, just pure support and guidance with other like-minded wedding professionals who have your back and feel exactly the same as you.

This is your Inner Circle.

We connect via weekly face to face group calls, high 5-ing your wins, laser coaching, an abundance of The Society support materials, keeping you accountable every week and your own private FB group for more support in-between sessions. Why do you need this group? I am offering a program that will lift you and your business to the next level and inspire you strategically and creatively. We get it. We’re here to imagine and create beauty, to make dreams come true for our Brides, other industries just don’t “get it” or get us.

We are here to help you:

  • Get clear on your big SCARY business goals and breaking it down into weekly actionable goals and task
  • Create an action and learning plan based on where you are RIGHT now. And what your business needs first.
  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field and blow the competition away!
  • How to network & build deep relationships with other wedding pros
  • Get inspired, get creative and go crazy with new ideas

What you get

Starting your own business has never been so easy and that means that it’s more important than ever to have your own inner circle of wedding business best friends to support each other in building successful and sustainable businesses.

We’ll be there to celebrate your achievements, hold your hand through tough moments and encourage you to continue up leveling yourself and your business. It’s a safe place to have a chat and a vent with those that understand you. How amazing would that be?

Why do this?

  • You want a small group of wedbiz besties who 100% have your back.
  • You know you can do this, you just need clarity.
  • You want the right support from the people who “get it”.
  • You love what you do, but you’re tired of doing it all on your own.
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and your business.

Your 3 month Wedding Circle small group coaching program includes:

  • A 15 minute Learning Pathway Session with Jennie to get you started and headed in the right direction of your journey.
  • A new topic each week, delving deeper into our Wedding Business Basics course, starting with Foundations for Success, Dreaming Big, Branding, Customer Experience, Social Media, Marketing & Money.
  • 24 x bi-weekly Drop In Sessions face to face on Zoom. You choose when you pop in. This is all about celebrating your wins, keeping you accountable and on track to hitting your weekly and big goals, laser coaching on your current issues with the group.
  • Audio recordings of all the Drop In Sessions to listen too later and keep the learning flowing.
  • Wedding Circle exclusive Facebook Group for business and personal support in-between sessions with Jennie & your inner circle.
  • Email support with Jennie. Yep! I don’t want you to get stuck on any part of the process. I’m here to virtually hold your hand and guide you down the road to success.
  • BONUS: 3 months membership to The Society. This means monthly Business & Bubbles Bundles of goodness (themed mini courses) to keep you up to date and support your journey. Regular webinars, tutorials, podcasts, Facebook Lives in our own FB group with sharp shooting your latest niggles, hot seats & Q&A’s. Monthly planning sessions, accountability partners and anything else you can dream up, we’ll create. 

“Jennie’s coaching is similar to having a “real life” partner in the business. Jennie’s down to earth nature, honesty, laughter and the ability to openly share real life experiences and contacts. Jennie doesn’t hold anything back, the future business success is her success as well”. – Catherine – Flowers at Haberfield


Are you ready to build that business of your dreams? Or to start your business with the right foundations for success? Are you ready to commit 100% to up-leveling you and your business because you know you can do and be more? Are you ready to build a successful and sustainable business you can be super proud of?

If so, this is your time to step up and make it happen and I am going to help you.

My promise to you

  • My 100% commitment to supporting you.
  • Uncensored sharing of all my knowledge and experience.
  • Zero judgement, we’re all about becoming our best no matter where we start out.

Investment & Commitment 

The total investment in you & your business for 3 months of coaching support is $1497 [inc gst].


Otherwise, opt for our Payment Plan of just $549 per month [inc. gst] for 3 months and get started straight away!

YES! I’m ready to invest in myself & my business


I have appreciated being a part of Jennie’s community because it has also connected me with other industry professionals who I have been able to collaborate with and I would not have met otherwise.  This has been invaluable in the start-up phase of my business.


I was thankful to have a strategy session with Jennie where she helped work through some of my muddled thoughts in regards to the planning of my business and encourage me in areas where I wasn’t sure if I was doing well. I have appreciated having someone else to go to other than my husband and close friends when I really needed some advice from someone who is experienced in this field.  


Jennie has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge about the wedding industry. She truly is a wedding expert and provides her clients with a deeper understanding of the industry. She is gentle and guiding, and her friendly, warm approach to coaching means you look forward to every session - and you actually want to do your homework!


Not only have I seen my enquiries almost triple, but I have managed to get on top of (and stay on top!) of the nitty gritty running of my business, streamlining processes, building a marketing strategy and a whole new rebrand, in only three months!


The business broke even on income versus expenses for the third month into trading. Having Jennie guide and share her knowledge through the early months has been priceless. The knowledge sharing has also meant that mistakes have been avoided or mitigated. I know that I have a tough road ahead, but with Jennie’s coaching I have a clearer picture of the business’ values and direction. Every morning, I wake up with a smile on my face and Jennie has helped me to feel this way.


Being a solo business owner fairly new to the wedding industry, I was grateful to find Jennie who has been a supporter, encourager and someone who completely ‘gets’ what I do.  I have the utmost respect for Jennie because she has gone before and achieved success in the wedding industry - I’m not talking to a general business coach who is just going to spurt out marketing/salesy ideas that really won’t work with my ideal clients. She is also so well connected and a real community grower. She is authentic, approachable, a pleasure to deal with and professional.  


I've spoken with many friends and family about their coaching experiences, and everyone single one of them felt like they were being coached by someone who really didn't really understand what it was they did every day for work. Their coaches understand business, but not the industry. Jennie has been there, she knows what it's like in the wedding industry and how to run a successful business. This knowledge is so helpful and vital to our coaching sessions together.


Jennie’s coaching is similar to having a “real life” partner in the business.  Her down to earth nature, honesty, laughter and the ability to openly share real life floristry experiences and contacts. Jennie doesn’t hold anything back, the future business success is her success as well.


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