• ChanelV wrote on Jennie Keogh's Wall 1 year, 6 months ago

    @jenkeogh hi Jennie, im feeling overwhelmed with all of the awesome courses you have on here. ive completed the dream bride and Instagram bundle but i feel like i need to start from the beginning. do you have a suggested order of courses? (ps i need order lol i find jumping all over the place overwhelming)

    • Hi Chanel! I only just figured out how to get to you lol It’s the first time anyone has messaged me :o) The best thing to do is fill out the weekly Q&A Session form, the link is in the weekly email or in the group and I’ll get your response. That will capture a whole heap of information for me. I’ve also added a section called “My Next Best Step” so you’ll be my first person to do that for :o)