FEATURED MEMBER – Emma//McGill Makeup Artist

Looking the best you can is truly essential when it comes to certain days in our lives that we deem are very important. The day of the wedding
would be one of these important days. For many, Wedding day only comes once in their life and, this goes without saying, looking your best is truly a necessity. Who can help you do this aside? Expert makeup artists who have had many happy clients!

A BIT ABOUT YOU: I’m a shy, quiet person who likes to push myself, with a great love of all things wedding. I’ve been married for seven years this year and love looking back on our day with the “updates” I’d love to make. We also have a nearly 3yr old little boy who keeps us busy at the best of times.

Tell us a bit about your business:
I’m a sole trader, so working solo can be a bit tough at times, so I love to for relationships with the wider wedding community as well as other local vendors. My business sprouted from a need driven passion (makeup>bridal) and hope to achieve a work life balance and raise a family.
My business is fully mobile/freelance and I love to travel, but most weddings are in and around the Southern Highlands and South Coast regions.

What is your favourite part of your work?

Meeting all my beautiful clients and seeing their gowns!

What do you love most about your business?
It’s something I’ve developed over the years (with help from many!) and its something of my own, as a very shy and timid young person, it’s not something I thought would eventuate! So, I think my self growth and development are some things I love most which have come from my business. Flexibility to raise a family and live near our extended family is amazing also.

Who are the brides/couples that you love to work with the most?
Down to earth, elegant/glam with boho elements (wow what a mix?!). I love couples that focus on the importance of their day shared with family and friends

What was your most favourite wedding or couple and why?
I’ve actually quite a few, but one recent wedding was certainly a favorite, simply because it was such a joyous day and everyone was there to truly celebrate the love of the couple and their special friendships which had formed over the years. Yes, there were wedding day nerves, jokes (some borderline inappropriate), maybe a few tears, but above all an encapsulating love you felt as soon as you entered the room. So much love and joy. So heartwarming. (Caitlin and Simon 12.5.18 at Merribee)

What do you do to take care of yourself, recharge or reconnect with your creativity? 
I try to involve myself in a number of creative shoots throughout the year and also try to get away with the family down to the beach for a weekend….or a week, which ever is possible.
This is an area of which I need to work on to be more productive and nail the busy months.

What inspires you?
My family inspire and drive me to succeed. Fellow creatives and vendors inspire me to grow, learn and expand my knowledge/talent base and an individuals beauty will often inspire my looks, as a main focus for me is to enhance not cover up.

What do you like most about being a member of The Wedding Experts Society and why?
all the amazing people you meet and all the fabulous information that is provided. We are like minded and all her for support, something that can be difficult to find.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to live in, where would that be and why?
I’d love to do a stint overseas, although im not certain where, I know it’d need to be warm. I love traveling and meeting new people (even though im shy!) and thing living abroad would enrich my life, that of my family’s’ and my business due to different experiences, trends and views on weddings

What food and/or drink makes you “mmmmmmm” out loud?
Home made waffles with my mums famous hot caramel sauce and ice cream comes to mind right now….MMMMMMMmmmm 🙂

What makes you smile more than anything else?
The joy shared between my son and husband….the reason for it all!

What is your favourite quote?
I’ve many that I jump to at different times….right now all I can think is “im tired and need a rest”….haha I know, not a quote, but I’ve been unwell for over two weeks, whilst juggling work, life and small child 🙂

Emma McGill
IG: instagram.com/emmamcgillmakeup
FB: facebook.com/EmmaMcGillMakeupArtist
WEBSITE: www.emmamcgillmakeup.com



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