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Flowers are an important ingredient to most weddings. Since Ancient times they’ve been used for many reasons including to ward off evil, honour the gods, invoke fertility, and entice good luck. It’s hard to imagine a wedding without flowers in some form

Of course, now we love them because they add to the theme of the event. As a florist of many years, I’ve seen how flowers evoke emotion.

As times change, our couples request differing fields to provide extra services, one of them being flowers, so this bundle will give you an overview of what is involved to create the most popular designs required for weddings.

If you want to get serious about including floral work in your services, I suggest enrolling in a commercial floristry course as there is a lot to learn about the field. There are many techniques to cover, knowledge about the flowers and foliage and of course building that all important network around you. A lot of it is learning on the job and from other florists, but once you have those fundamentals behind you, you will be far more confident in your work and abilities.

If you require any additional advice on any of the designs or where to learn more, please let me know at [email protected]

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