Flowers At Haberfield

“Jennie’s coaching is similar to having a “real life” partner in the business. Jennie’s down to earth nature, honesty, laughter and the ability to openly share real life floristry experiences and contacts. Jennie doesn’t hold anything back, the future business success is her success as well.

Early on, things got really tough and I was feeling very remorseful with the decision to start a new business. I messaged Jennie with my thoughts. A short time later, Jennie was in my shop, offering me guidance and practical advice such as rearranging the shop. This was so unexpected and helped me immensely. Jennie is so generous with her time and her knowledge. I still remember her saying “you’re a Pearson’s girl – grouping Catherine!”

The business broke even on income versus expenses for the third month into trading. Jennie has given me the confidence to move the business forward. As a start-up, the scary reality has been just as Jennie described early on. Having Jennie guide and share her knowledge through the early months has been priceless. The knowledge sharing has also meant that mistakes have been avoided or mitigated. I know that I have a tough road ahead, but with Jennie’s coaching I have a clearer picture of the business’ values and direction. Every morning, I wake up with a smile on my face and Jennie has helped me to feel this way.” 

The Marmalade Sky

“I’ve spoken with many friends and family about their coaching experiences, and everyone single one of them felt like they were being coached by someone who really didn’t really understand what it was they did every day for work. Their coaches understand business, but not the industry. Jennie has been there, she knows what it’s like in the wedding industry and how to run a successful business. This knowledge is so helpful and vital to our coaching sessions together.  

Not only have I seen my enquiries almost triple, but I have managed to get on top of (and stay on top!) of the nitty gritty running of my business, streamlining processes, building a marketing strategy and a whole new rebrand, in only three months! 

Jennie has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge about the wedding industry. She truly is a wedding expert and provides her clients with a deeper understanding of the industry. She is gentle and guiding, and her friendly, warm approach to coaching means you look forward to every session – and you actually want to do your homework! 

FUN! I looked forward to my catch up with Jennie every week. Jennie had a great structure to our catch ups which meant every week felt like we had achieved something big in only 40 minutes. Besides being so helpful and knowledgeable, she is one of the most beautiful people you are ever likely to meet! She genuinely cares about your goals, your dreams and hopes for the business. She also loves a good chat, a giggle and she has excellent taste in biscuits.

Coaching has given me the routine and structures to ensure my business stays on track and continues to grow. Jennie has also given me the confidence to keep pushing the boundaries, continually encouraging me that no idea to too small or too hard.”

Amonie Ring Boxes

“Being a solo business owner fairly new to the wedding industry, I was grateful to find Jennie who has been a supporter, encourager and someone who completely ‘gets’ what I do.  I have the utmost respect for Jennie because she has gone before and achieved success in the wedding industry – I’m not talking to a general business coach who is just going to spurt out marketing/salesy ideas that really won’t work with my ideal clients. She is also so well connected and a real community grower. She is authentic, approachable, a pleasure to deal with and professional. 

I was thankful to have a strategy session with Jennie where she helped work through some of my muddled thoughts in regards to the planning of my business and encourage me in areas where I wasn’t sure if I was doing well. I have appreciated having someone else to go to other than my husband and close friends when I really needed some advice from someone who is experienced in this field.

I have appreciated being a part of Jennie’s community because it has also connected me with other industry professionals who I have been able to collaborate with and I would not have met otherwise.  This has been invaluable in the start-up phase of my business.

Thank you Jennie!!”

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Kurtzys Flowers & Event Styling

“Jennie’s strategic learning and business checklists are helping me put the business side of things into gear so the creative side of me can keep going full steam ahead.

Its given me a starting point, knowledge and now a vision to set and achieve the goals for my business . Sometimes (hmm all the time) my creative side is on over drive while the busisnees side gets left behind, her emails, advice and easy to use checklists are allowing me to achieve and work on both sides  to take it to the next level.

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Wedding Honey

“Thank you Jennie for the inspiration and courage to chase our dream for Wedding Honey!

You are so supportive, available & nurturing x.”

Sassafras Floral Design

“I have run my own wedding floral business for around 8 years. I’ve looked into business coaching before and have had some good ideas but honestly not really helpful in the end. My main gripe was that it wasn’t really specific to my work and was with a corporate kind of bent.

The difference with what Jennie has so far helped my implement is that she has run her own florist business, even to the point of having a similar “ideal bride” to what I do. So what has been awesome is that she actually understands the reality of what I do and what I need to do to be more successful.

She’s kept all of the promises she’s made, follows up quickly, has almost aways spent a bit more time with me in each session, has been a wealth of insider knowledge and has been really easy to relate to. 

In the past couple of months, I have seen real benefits, having worked through actual, tangible goals and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to work with Jennie.

Willow & Fleur

“I have slowly learnt to stand proud of my product, believe in my work and know my prices are worth my time and knowledge in the industry. ‘Know your worth’ is something you say a lot, and it has really stuck with me. Understanding that people will say no to my quotes, and that it’s ok.

Jennie, you are so inspiring, warm and caring. Your approach with the group is non-judgmental and open to opinion. You have so much wisdom from the wedding industry and it’s so great to have you as a mentor! Us creatives put our heart and soul into everything we do, and that sometimes leaves us feeling empty. So, this group has been fantastic to have there to vent or help someone else out with advice when I can because I know how it feels! I’ve also been able to lean on you for support and that’s a wonderful thing to have! Thank you!!”

Pretty Posh Details

“As a new business owner, the resources and bundles Jennie has provided in the membership portal has been so beneficial, not only from a business point of view, but also applicable to life in general. It’s also fantastic that the membership portal is updated regularly with new and great content, which is really helpful. The investment in becoming a member is well worth its weight in gold.

I love how Jennie is constantly having Live videos on the Members only Facebook group, whereas in other groups you never see the group leader. These are the reasons why I love being a part of the membership. Jennie, you are doing a great job and keep up the good work.”

Mine Forever Celebrant

“I met Jennie just before she created The Wedding Experts. I had been following her on social media and so when she organised the first Coffee networking morning in Sydney I think I might have been one of the first to RSVP yes! I had just moved back to Sydney and had to re launch my celebrant business and Jennie gave me an instant community at that first coffee event. Since attending the monthly catch ups in Sydney I have had referrals for my business and I have now started the coffee networking mornings in Melbourne.

Since its inception, The Wedding Experts has seemed to attract a group of wedding professionals who are all about community over competition. This was Jennie’s mission when creating this vibrant group. I love being involved in the Facebook book group where people post questions for the community and share their triumphs, struggles, and referrals.

I haven’t completed any of the training bundles as yet, but I know that Jennie is always available for any questions I may have and I look forward to attending future workshops or seminars that she has planned. Her knowledge of the industry is one of the reasons that she is so credible as a business coach in the wedding industry, she has been on the ground knee deep in the wedding trenches so her advice is invaluable. I continually recommend The Wedding Experts as a valuable resource and a community of like minded professionals who share a passion for the industry and the common goal of delivering the five star service for our clients.”

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Jade McIntosh Flowers

“What I love about the membership is the sharing and promoting a community that’s not in competition, but to help each other – whether is simple things like hiring props for an event but bigger than that we’re all actively helping build and strengthen our businesses by being so open and trusting that we’re in a safe community to be able to reveal our vulnerabilities/skill weaknesses.

To be honest I‘ve really only had time to start the Instagram Bundle but from working through it I’ve made changes to my Instagram accounts and shared my tips with others too. 

The resources I’m loving are the mini webinars where you’re asking other industry questions we want answered, specific to our industry. I was able to revise my terms and conditions following the legal webinar (its still in draft, but will be in play soon!)

I have so many of your webinars saved to go back to when I set aside some time

I love that you’re so hands on and personal despite being remote! Other business coaches I’ve worked with have often ended up not backing up their support of their online products. You are very efficient and so willing to help!

One of the positive effects of being a part of the membership is being able to reach out to others and also how relevant ALL the info and courses you’ve provided are. There’s a huge difference in learning from a business coach specific to your industry.

I feel you (Jennie) are keeping up to date with the ever evolving skills of social media, marketing etc. and passing this all onto us.”

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Pop-Up Gardens

“Jennie is like the mother of the group. She is our mentor, our driving force, and often our biggest fan! Her enthusiasm for the wedding biz, and for sharing her knowledge and experience, is wonderful. Her passion for community-building and bringing together lots of brilliant creative minds is truly inspiring. I am in  awe of what she has built in the TWE membership, and in the wider TWE Community, and I’m so happy to be a part of it all! 

I often hear people say that one of the most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur or running your own small business is that it can be lonely and isolating working on your own at home a lot. I can honestly say that I have never really felt like this. Right from the beginning, I became part of this membership and this community, and have felt supported and encouraged all along the way. Jennie connects people and makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

Being part of the Wedding Experts membership has had lots of positive outcomes for us. First and foremost, the networking we’ve been able to do, and the valuable relationships we’ve built with other vendors, has led to some great opportunities. We have been involved in collaborative styled photo shoots, which have produced some beautiful results. We have won work at several weddings and other events through TWE contacts, some of whom have now become our regular customers.

Aside from that, I feel that the TWE has given me lots of extra confidence. Confidence in putting myself out there, meeting like-minded creatives, and not “selling myself short”. And also confidence in how to run my business. The society resource library is FULL of helpful worksheets and info on goal-setting, pricing, marketing…and loads of other stuff. And the webinar interviews with experts, on everything from productivity and admin  tools, to Legal advice for small businesses, have been absolutely invaluable!

Botanic Art Weddings & Events Florist

“Owning and running a business in this day and age is a challenge whether you are starting up or have been operating for many years. With social media clients have a greater choice of services now available to them in the wedding industry. But to stand out in an ever increasing pool of suppliers and to survive you need business skills and not just a creative hand.

Jennie of The Wedding Experts has provided a very comprehensive and supportive mentoring business and group, both through her social media sites and through the membership website.  The courses and webinars are not just informative but also a great teaching platform to help you through the multiple hats you wear as an owner/ operator of a business. There are many things you learn on the job or through formal study and there are many things not taught and you learn the hard way. The Wedding Experts provides courses essential to operating a business and the on going support to ensuring you’re going about it the right way.  It is hard work and most business fail in the first 3 years because they have no plan. 

The Wedding Society helps you focus on those plans, or build them if you’re unsure, and for those that have been operating for a long time, it’s a great way to revisit those plans you originally made, refresh them and revamp your approach to business so it continues to grow and stay successful. 

If you want to stand out as a professional and quality business, have an edge over other business in the industry then you clearly must value your business. I do and I’m glad I joined as I have been able to work on my business with clarity and renewed focus.

Thank you, Jennie, my business will continue to bloom, pardon the pun, as a member of The Wedding Society”

Blue Mountains Floral Designs

“Joining the Wedding Society has been one of the best things that’s happened to the running of my business in a long time! 

There’s always support in the way of the group & of course Jennie whose passion for what she does is so genuine & so infectious! 

There is so much helpful information & you can do it at your own pace if you’re run off your feet that month. Being a member has given me a new found inspiration & the guidance to polish up the areas in my business that have needed a bit of TLC. Thanks Jennie!”

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