Why would I need a Business Coach?

If you’re at a stage in your business that you feel like you want to do more in your life and you’re ready to grow your business to the next level, a business coach will help fast track that for you by guiding you and keeping you accountable to stay on track. They have been where you are now and have plenty of experience and knowledge to help you navigate any obstacles. They will help you to keep focused on working ON your business not just IN it. They are your true cheerleaders who will also be there to keep you in line.


What is the difference between a Business Coach & a Consultant?

Coaches will guide you and keep you accountable in achieving your goals. This is about personal growth just as much as business growth. A consultant will do that work for you. You may even find you need to engage both at the same or different times. Every person and business has separate needs.



What happens at the Gatherings?

We gather, share and chat over coffee & cake in the spirit of building community. It’s a very casual experience, we’re a friendly bunch and would love you to join us. Please see our event page for more details.


Can I start a Gathering in my area?

We are only in Sydney at the moment, but we would never say no to other creatives gathering in the same spirit as community in another area under the TWE banner. Simply email jennie at [email protected] and she will get back to you asap.


Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! Just let us know before the event.



Why is membership only open 4 times a year?

To make it easier to keep everything and everyone organised. We reopen membership the first day of every quarter.

 What is involved?

You have access to our members’ portal which is a central location for all of the membership resources. It also includes a directory so you can find fellow creatives, we will be teaming up with numerous other businesses for exclusive member offers and of course discounts on TWE events. Each month there is a business or creative theme to help you in your wedding business. These bundles remain in the members’ area so you can access them at any time as long as you are a member.



Why is your coaching called Business, Balance & Heart?

Because we focus on a mix of all 3, business is very important, but as creatives we have a lot of passion (heart) for what we do and that requires a special understanding. Creative business people also need to make sure they take time out for themselves to keep motivated for growing their business, keep their passion fresh and so as they don’t burn out.



How can I submit a photo for the top of page images?

We would love the site to be a live gallery of beautiful detail shots. If you feel you have some shots that would be perfect, please get in touch at [email protected] to discuss.



Submission requirements

If you have a great article idea that you know will be valuable to wedding professionals, we would love to hear from you. It must be relevant to wedding professionals (not the couple getting married). Please contact us at [email protected] with Blog Submission in the Subject Line and we will send out a submission form quick sticks!


We welcome collaborations of all kinds! If you have anything in mind, please contact Jennie at [email protected]

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