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There’s lots of talk about booking brides. But I don’t just want you to “book brides”. I want you to book the right couples for you. More than that, I want you to create a heart-led business that really lights you up.

Because the business side of things is super important but if it’s not done in an authentic and balanced way (without the burnout), what’s the point?

Combining my love of business, weddings and people, I created The Wedding Experts because I want you to shed the stress and lose the overwhelm.

I want to make it easy for wedding professionals to work ON their businesses and to understand what they need to do to make their own dreams come true.

I want to help you connect with your ideal clients, experience dream weddings, develop an outstanding reputation and surround yourself with an inspiring bunch of wedding professionals who just get it.

My vision for The Wedding Experts is to create a vibrant, creative community and supportive space for wedding experts, professionals and startups.

A place where we can come together, learn, grow, share experiences and be challenged by each other.

A space where we can all create the business and life we truly want.

What you get

Chances are, whatever you’re going through, I’ve been through it too.

At age 34, a medical diagnosis left me with few real career choices. It was either yoga (not bendy enough), chocolatier (well that could have ended badly!) or florist.

And because I really loved flowers, weddings and people, floristry it was.

After training and working as a florist for some time, I decided to dive into the proverbial deep end and buy my own shop.

And it was a ROLLERCOASTER! (think: a gazillion coffees, head hurting from information overload, late nights, never seeing your friends and burning the candles at both ends)

But I learnt to ride it and all those butterflies you experience slowly fade away as your confidence and abilities grow.

That same year, I found out I was pregnant, buckled under the weight of an unhealthy relationship and the stress of a new business, suffered from post natal depression and later discovered that my beautiful son had Down Syndrome.

It was tough. I was overtired, overcommitted and over it. But I eventually kicked that relationship to the curb, shut up shop and started all over again in a quiet country town on the outskirts of Sydney.

And I soon found I had a natural knack for business and it grew from there. I began to focus less on just flowers and retail and more on the art of creating a dream wedding.

I built authentic relationships with other wedding professionals and talented vendors. I snuck behind the scenes of the most stunning and popular wedding venues around.

I became well-respected and known for creating beautiful, natural wedding flowers.

I positioned myself as an expert and booked client after client without consultations. Above all, I valued my loyal clients, my creatively brilliant peers and my talented team.

Within 3 years, I flourished from a tiny shop to a large shop and a gorgeous wedding studio in one of the busiest wedding regions of NSW.

I tripled my average wedding spend and was booking 80 exclusive weddings a year.

Fast forward 8 years and I’ve now worked on over 500 weddings so I get the industry nitty gritty and I’ve definitely seen the highs and lows.

I’ve grown my wedding business from the ground up and now I want to help you do the same – without the feeling of isolation.

I’ve spoken to so many wedding professionals at differing stages of their business and so many of them say they feel isolated, overwhelmed and lacking business support and education.

With technology and our world changing so quickly, keeping up with it all can be overwhelming especially when you’re so busy making those wedding dreams come true.

The secret is this: once you discover the right mindset, network and knowledge to make it happen, your business will take off!

Anything that you are capable of imagining, I can help you to create an action plan to achieve it.

  • I love to be out in nature
  • I love spending quality time with family and friends
  • I am huge fan of the underdog and I am passionate about helping others. I can’t stand injustice. If I wasn’t a single mum, I would love to go into politics to right some very bad wrongs.
  • I grew up as a farm girl who always wanted to be a vet. (I loved running around the paddocks with dogs, horses and the odd cow or donkey.)
  • I love the boating life. I love being near and on the water.
  • I love to hear people’s stories, especially those that overcome adversity
  • I love the afternoon sunlight and laying under trees looking up at the sky
  • I love to do a little bit of yoga, snuggle up in bed or lay on my couch and read a book (I don’t do these things nearly enough)

So that’s me in a nutshell.

I can’t wait to help you transform your beautiful wedding biz from ‘empty books’ to ‘fully booked’ (with the right kind of bride and the right kind of vibe).

There’s loads more to chat about over coffee, chocolate and champagne in here so jump in!


I have appreciated being a part of Jennie’s community because it has also connected me with other industry professionals who I have been able to collaborate with and I would not have met otherwise.  This has been invaluable in the start-up phase of my business.


I was thankful to have a strategy session with Jennie where she helped work through some of my muddled thoughts in regards to the planning of my business and encourage me in areas where I wasn’t sure if I was doing well. I have appreciated having someone else to go to other than my husband and close friends when I really needed some advice from someone who is experienced in this field.  


Jennie has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge about the wedding industry. She truly is a wedding expert and provides her clients with a deeper understanding of the industry. She is gentle and guiding, and her friendly, warm approach to coaching means you look forward to every session - and you actually want to do your homework!


Not only have I seen my enquiries almost triple, but I have managed to get on top of (and stay on top!) of the nitty gritty running of my business, streamlining processes, building a marketing strategy and a whole new rebrand, in only three months!


The business broke even on income versus expenses for the third month into trading. Having Jennie guide and share her knowledge through the early months has been priceless. The knowledge sharing has also meant that mistakes have been avoided or mitigated. I know that I have a tough road ahead, but with Jennie’s coaching I have a clearer picture of the business’ values and direction. Every morning, I wake up with a smile on my face and Jennie has helped me to feel this way.


Being a solo business owner fairly new to the wedding industry, I was grateful to find Jennie who has been a supporter, encourager and someone who completely ‘gets’ what I do.  I have the utmost respect for Jennie because she has gone before and achieved success in the wedding industry - I’m not talking to a general business coach who is just going to spurt out marketing/salesy ideas that really won’t work with my ideal clients. She is also so well connected and a real community grower. She is authentic, approachable, a pleasure to deal with and professional.  


I've spoken with many friends and family about their coaching experiences, and everyone single one of them felt like they were being coached by someone who really didn't really understand what it was they did every day for work. Their coaches understand business, but not the industry. Jennie has been there, she knows what it's like in the wedding industry and how to run a successful business. This knowledge is so helpful and vital to our coaching sessions together.


Jennie’s coaching is similar to having a “real life” partner in the business.  Her down to earth nature, honesty, laughter and the ability to openly share real life floristry experiences and contacts. Jennie doesn’t hold anything back, the future business success is her success as well.


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