5 Reasons Why Copywriting is SO Important for the Wedding Industry

Wedding Business Copywriting
Copywriting is an important aspect of any business. But when it comes to the wedding industry, it can actually be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal!

Thoughtful, emotive and strategic copywriting that aligns with your business is one of the BEST ways to reach (and convert) more of your dream clients while creating a positive, engaging and memorable brand experience.

Today I’m going to share the key reasons why copywriting plays such a huge role in marketing your wedding business, and how it directly influences the way potential clients view and engage with your brand.

But first, let’s quickly get clear on what copywriting actually means!

What is copywriting?
Put quite simply, copywriting is any kind of writing with the ultimate goal of “selling” your products or services.

This includes things like your website copy, social media captions, blog posts, directory listings, even your email templates. Basically, anything “wordy” that your business puts out into the world with the intention of attracting and converting clients.

So how can you write the most effective copy for your business? First, you’ll need to truly understand why copywriting is just so important in the first place. Let’s take a look at 5 key reasons why good copywriting is so powerful for the wedding industry.

Copywriting connects you with your ideal clients
Connecting with your ideal clients is ultimately your number one goal as a business owner, right? We all want to work with more of the clients we LOVE, and less of the clients that don’t align with our business goals and offerings.

You’ve likely already done some work to clearly define who your “dream client” is – from their age demographic and location right down to their budget, styling aesthetic, values and pain points.

But, your dream clients aren’t mind readers! So how exactly are you letting them know that your product or service is exactly what they’re looking for?

Copywriting is ultimately about communication and connection. Your website copywriting (often the first point of contact for your biz) is your opportunity to reach out and form a personal, emotional connection with your dream clients by using language they identify with, engage with and relate to.

When done right, copywriting has the power to make your ideal clients feel as though you’re speaking directly to them, that you “get” them and truly understand their wants, needs and desires. This is extremely powerful, and can make all the difference between a mildly interested bride, and a bride who is insanely excited to start working with you like ASAP!

Think of your website as the “shop front” for your business. You know when you walk past a shop and can immediately tell whether it’s the kind of shop for you, whether that’s due to the design of the store, the clothes in the window or the music playing in the background? Your website copy has the exact same effect on potential clients, and is one of the best ways to attract more of your dream couples and generate the right kind of leads for your business.

Copywriting builds trust
It’s a sentiment I’m sure you’ve heard a million times before: people do business with people they know, like and trust. But honestly, it’s so true!

Lack of trust is one of the biggest deal breakers for couples when researching wedding suppliers. Put yourself in the headspace of your ideal client for a moment – planning a wedding is a super personal, overwhelming and time-consuming experience, with a lot of emotion attached. More than anything else, couples are looking for reliable suppliers they can trust completely with such a milestone life event.

So how can your business build trust with potential clients who are essentially, complete strangers?

Your website copy!

Great copywriting helps potential clients learn more about your business and understand the benefits and the value of your products or services. Copywriting has the power to put couples at ease, by clearly communicating what it looks like & feels like to be working with you. How is your service going to make their life better, easier or help them create their dream wedding?

Copywriting can also be used to build your credibility as a business through elements like a detailed FAQ’s page, client testimonials, and a value-packed blog. These elements all come together to build the “know, like and trust” factor with your ideal clients, positioning your brand as a trustworthy business from the very beginning.

Copywriting gives your brand a voice
When you think about branding, usually the first thing that comes to mind is your logo, brand colours and website design. But what about your brand voice?

Copywriting is an essential part of your business branding. You can have the most beautifully designed logo and the most sophisticated website – but if your copywriting doesn’t meet these same standards, then it’s going to bring your entire brand down.

Think about how you’d communicate your business “brand” to a graphic designer or web developer. You might use words like modern, luxurious, bold, creative, quirky, fun, relaxed, friendly, feminine. Whatever it might be, this is the kind of tone that should clearly come through in your website copy, too, in order to position your brand correctly and create a cohesive brand experience for potential customers.

Consider this: a potential client finds you on Instagram, sees your feed is on-point, loves your quirky business name, logo and aesthetic – then visits your website and is met with dull, boring or poorly written website copy. This can be jarring and confusing, and weakens your overall brand experience.

Copywriting is an important piece of the branding puzzle, and your business “voice” plays a huge role in how potential clients view and interact with your brand.

Copywriting improves organic search results
One of the key rules in marketing is to hang out where your ideal clients are. When it comes to the wedding industry, it seems most brides are doing their research via Instagram, Pinterest, and of course – Google!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essentially optimising your website to help you reach more people through organic search results. One of the most important SEO techniques is to organically include the keywords and phrases your ideal clients might be searching for throughout your website copywriting.

Depending on your business location, offerings and target market, this could be phrases like “Melbourne wedding florist”, “Brisbane wedding photographer”, or more specific phrases aligned with your ideal clients like “bohemian wedding flower arrangements”, “candid wedding photographer”, and so on and so forth.

Now ultimately you should always write for humans first and Google second, but including your search terms in a natural and organic way throughout your website copy and blog content is a great way to improve your visibility on search engines and generate more leads for your business.

Copywriting saves time and streamlines your process
How much time do you spend dealing with not-so-great enquiries, or going back and forth with potential clients answering questions over email, phone and Skype calls before you’ve even locked in a deposit?

Now imagine if the enquiries landing in your inbox were from the right clients, who were ready to get started immediately?

Putting the hard work into your website copywriting – targeting your dream clients, building trust, creating a cohesive brand experience – often means that by the time somebody reaches out with an enquiry, they have all the information they need to get started. You don’t have to spend a great deal of time proving your value, answering questions or building a personal connection – your website copy has done most of the conversion for you!

The power of copywriting is something that shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored. From your website right through to your blog posts, e-newsletters and directory listings, your business copywriting has a direct impact on the kind of clients you are (or aren’t) attracting.

Words can do SO much for your business. So use them, and use them well! 🙂

Nicole Smith//Pip & Beau
“I’m a Gold Coast based content writer on a mission to help small business owners connect with their dream clients. Pip & Beau was created to help time-poor wedding professionals improve their online presence with engaging and original content.”




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