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Our programs

The Wedding Experts was born out of a desire to help wedding business owners thrive, not just survive. We want you to build an authentic business that makes your heart sing (and your bank account go ‘ka-ching’). Through our exclusive wedding pro membership and private coaching support program, we’ll give you the resources, tools, community, love and wisdom you need to push the creative envelope and grow your dream wedding business. And have a whole heap of fun while you’re doing it too. Ready?



Imagine if you didn’t have to reinvent the wedding biz wheel? This is not just any old Membership program. This is 12 months of exclusive access to our monthly ‘Business & Bubbles’ Business Bundles filled with sparkling wedding industry gems. 12 months of life-changing tools, playbooks and resources that will not only make your life easier but will help you grow a supercharged wedding business with a cool crew of rockstars around you. This is YOUR PLACE.

Our community

Running a business all on your own is not much fun when there’s no one to share it with. Jump into our awesome online community of creative and heart-driven wedding-preneurs who are ready to build their kickass wedding biz empire and help you do it too with heaps of ‘hell yeahs’ and ‘holy smokes!’ and high-fives along the way.


Upcoming events

Being online is cool and all but there’s nothing like a meet up in ‘real time’ to connect, collaborate, make some wedding biz besties, open up your network, and create dream opportunities. (And sip champagne and nibble chocolate and drink tonnes of coffee while you’re at it). We’ll keep you posted on cool upcoming events so you can chat with a bunch of ambitious wedding professionals and entrepreneurs who ‘get’ you and what you do.

There are currently no upcoming events forHome.